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✔Call of Duty Black Ops 2 (XBOX 360)

How to play with a profile

Rules for using the xbox live profile.

1.Do not change password
2.Requires a permanent Internet connection
3. From the purchased profile DO NOT PLAY, it is intended only for downloading the game.
4. It is forbidden to transfer profile data to third parties.
5. The profile is on sale for 3 months

How to use the profile:

1) Turn on the console)
2) Choose upload profile
3) Enter the profile data (LOGIN and PASSWORD)
4) We set to save the password (IMPORTANT!)
5) Then: Settings - Account - Download History
6) We are looking for a game and choose to download again

IMPORTANT !!! Every time you start the game

1) We enter the game (we wait when it is highlighted press start
2) Turn off the Internet (cable or router)
3) Press the button in the center of the gamepad, then the blue cross (X button)
4) Restore Internet connection
5) Enter your profile and play)


1) From one gamepad we go to the purchased profile
2) From the second in our own and play)

Errors that are quickly resolved:
1) 80151012-write to the seller and everything will be solved quickly.
2) We only strive for positive reviews if we don’t respond, maybe we have a night) we also sleep
Все супер, продавец ответственный)
Все работает. Озвучка и текст - рус. Проблем не возникло.
Всё как надо
Все отлично
Все отлично работает!!!!