Terms for Sellers

Do you want to start selling?

Marketplace GameCone works with sellers through Digiseller.com service.

To place your products, you must:

1. Be registered in the Digiseller.com service.

2. Have a "Personal passport", "Seller's passport" or "Formal Passport" with verified "PhotoID"in the Webmoney system.

3. Have a Positive rating in the Digiseller system (Your rating should not be negative).

If you meet these conditions and your product meets our requirements, we will be happy to discuss everything in more detail.
Contact us: [email protected]

Rules for the placement of goods and regulations for sellers

- You may only offer for purchase items for which you have the right to sell. This requirement applies not only to software, but also to any other product. By adding a product, you confirm that the product is your property and you have the right to distribute it, all responsibility for the sale lies solely with the seller.

- The seller is not entitled to place goods included in List of goods prohibited for sale on the marketplace.

- In case of questions or problems with the purchased product, the buyer will contact you through the "CHAT WITH SELLER" tab on the product receipt page. You need to respond to the buyer as soon as possible and solve the problem. If there is no response from you for more than 72 hours, the administration may terminate cooperation with you with the subsequent removal of your goods from the marketplace.

- The description and name of the goods must be unambiguous, understandable and must contain all the nuances, characteristics, guarantees, conditions, etc. Remember - a detailed description increases the likelihood of a purchase and eliminates disputes between the Buyer and the Seller.