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For the Buyer

About Us

  GameCone - Marketplace of digital goods, where the offers of many sellers are presented.

  We help thousands of gamers save on purchases and do everything possible for this. Every day sellers compete for the best price for you.

  We stand for the transparency of our work. In each product card you can read feedback from real buyers. From the feedback, the Seller Rating is formed.

Benefits of buying from us:

Webmoney Attestation

All sellers have passed certification in the Webmoney payment system, providing notarized documents and have: Personal Passport, Seller Passport, or Formal Passport with Verified PhotoID. This ensures your shopping safety. You can familiarize yourself with the certificate of each seller, for this, on the product page, select the "Seller with a certificate" item.


GameCone is an instant delivery marketplace. After payment, you instantly receive the goods, you can pick it up in your personal account in the section My purchases + Your Email will automatically receive a letter with the details of the purchased product.

Only safe and legal products

All sellers sell only official goods for which they have the right to sell. Activation keys are purchased from authorized distributors and publishers. All accounts sold on the site were obtained/registered by legal means. GameCone administration does not allow the publication of illegal content on the marketplace.

Feedback ONLY FROM REAL customers

On the page of each product, there are feedback. Reviews are left by real customers after purchasing through the Digiseller service. Anyone can familiarize themselves with these feedback before buying and decide whether this product offer is suitable for him.

Technical support

We have qualified technical support that will promptly answer your request. There are several employees on staff who will try to help you.

Many people know about us

Our service attracts many buyers on large advertising platforms who would never cooperate with fraudulent sites. We will not risk our reputation and paid funds for the sake of petty deception of the buyer - it is simply not profitable for us.

Safe shopping

You can pay for your purchase in any convenient way: Bank card, Wallets, Cryptocurrency. Payment is made through the reliable service "Digiseller" (This service was founded in 2002 - 20 years of successful work). To transfer confidential information directly from the client to the server of the Digiseller system, the SSL 3.0 protocol is used, which ensures maximum protection of the transmitted information.

For the Buyer

GameCone - is a marketplace that brings the seller and the buyer directly together. GameCone provides a convenient interface for making transactions, and is also responsible for the timely delivery of goods in case of payment. The GameCone administration takes all measures to ensure that sales on the trading platform are made honestly and no one has any questions. To suppress the unfair actions of sellers, an effective scheme for cooperation with sellers operates on the site.
Namely: Each seller must have a Personal Passport or a Seller Passport in the WebMoney system. The presence of this certificate indicates the seller's serious approach to business, since To obtain a certificate, the Seller fulfills a number of requirements of the WebMoney system, including providing the system with notarized copies of documents (Passport, address information, other documents). The seller is directly responsible for the quality of the displayed goods.

Selecting items confidently

First of all, you must understand that you are buying a digital product, and you cannot touch and hold it before making a purchase. As practice shows, most of the misunderstandings in online purchases arise from the fact that the buyer was in a hurry and inattentively familiarized himself with the terms of sale, delivery or description of the goods. Therefore, take your time, take an extra minute and carefully study all the information about the purchased product and its seller.

When choosing a product:

- Carefully study the product description page and make sure that this is exactly what you need. All information about the product is compiled by the seller. It should be clear from the description exactly what you will receive after payment. If you have any questions or doubts, you can contact us so that we can advise you on the product: [email protected]

- Pay attention to the number of sales of the selected product. Check out the product feedback, if any. Feedback are left by real customers after purchase.

- Pay attention to the Seller Rating. The highest seller rating is 5 stars. When forming a rating, the ratio of positive and negative feedback from the seller is taken into account.

- All sellers are users of the WebMoney system and have a Personal Passport or a Seller Passport. Do not be lazy and familiarize yourself with WM-reviews and WM-claims, which were left to them by other members of the system. To view the certificate, on the product page, click on the item: "WebMoney Certificate".

Paying for items

To pay for an order, on the product card page, select "BUY". You will be redirected to the Digiseller payment gateway (, where, following the instructions, complete the payment procedure in a convenient way.

Getting your purchases

GameCone.Net - is an instant delivery marketplace. You get access to the product instantly after payment (unless otherwise indicated in the product description). If you bought a game key, prepaid card, then you will be provided with all the details of the product (serial number, pin code) or a scanned image, etc. In some cases, the delivery of goods may not be instant (this is indicated by the seller in the description of the goods), as a rule, this refers to goods such as game currency, cheat subscribers, etc. - where the seller needs time and additional information from you to fully provide you with the paid product.

If during the payment or receipt of the goods there was some kind of failure, and in the meantime the funds were debited from your electronic wallet (account, card, etc.), then you can receive the paid goods at any time in the My purchases section. You can quickly jump to this section from any page of our site using the link located in the upper right corner of the page.


Each buyer can leave a review of the purchased product. To leave a review, go to the My purchases section, select the desired purchase from the list. At the bottom of the page, select the "FEEDBACK" tab.

GameCone.Net administration wishes you happy shopping! In any unclear situation - contact us:
[email protected]