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🎮Shared Xbox 360 Account

✅Guaranteed access to your account - 6 months from the date of purchase

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We kindly ask you to read the rules before buying❗️

By purchasing, you agree to all rules and prohibitions❗️
There is no refund, a replacement is possible only if the account is not working❗️
This profile is intended for use on the territory of the Russian Federation❗️
The account is shared, so there are possible departures from it. They happen if someone else logs into the account❗️
The seller has the right to change the data with the available "Transfer of licenses"
After the sale of the transfer, new data will be issued upon request❗️
Microsoft at any time may terminate support for XBOX 360 consoles, if Accounts lose their functionality as a result of this, claims will not be accepted. Seller is not responsible for the actions of Microsoft Corporation❗️


1.Play from the purchased Account
2.Download game demos, buy games or subscriptions from the purchased Account
3.Login on devices other than the XBOX 360 console
4.Use the Account on the flashed console
5.Try to change any data on the Account
6.Use an Account on more than one console
7. SELL / EXCHANGE / TRANSFER data from the Account to third parties
8. Disseminate data on any social networks.

Instructions for logging into your account and downloading the game:
Turn on the console
We choose to download the profile;
Enter profile data (LOGIN and PASSWORD)
Set to save the password (IMPORTANT!)
Then: Settings ➡ Account Download Log
We are looking for a game and choose to download again

Instructions for starting the game from the account:
Launching the game
During the splash screen
turn off the internet
Click "Guide"
Press "X" and exit
purchased profile
Turning on the Internet
Go to your profile and play.
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