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💠 Spider man (PS5/RU) P3 - Activation

Buy 💠 Spider man (PS5/RU) P3 - Activation

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🎮 This type of activation according to the "P3" principle is the most common on the Internet. YOU will play directly on your personal account, get achievements on it, knock out platinum and upgrade your account. Also, if you have your own PS subscription, you can play Online with other people. There is no subscription with an account.

Pros (P3):
- Play from your personal account.
- Play with or without internet.
- All achievements in games fall on your personal account, thereby pumping it.
- No game time limit
- Play online with friends.

Cons (P3):
- Relatively high price

- Sometimes the buyer confuses the "Account Activation P3" being sold, which is indicated in the Title, with the PS5 version of the game..., which is explained in this block. "Activation" and "PS5 version of the game" are two different things.
🚨 - If the developer of the game provides a FREE update to the version of the game for the PS5 console and this is indicated on the game page in the ps store itself, then it will be available for download. By default, THIS PRODUCT DECLARES that this Game will work BACKWARDLY COMPATIBLE with PS4 on PS5 CONSOLE.
🚨 - You can check the availability of the ps5 version of the game from the seller before buying.
- If you did not read this block or did not check with the seller, paid for the goods and then began to resent, I thought I did not read it, I misunderstood, no objections will be accepted.

🚨 - You can log into your account 1 time in order to put the game on the race.
🚨 - The account cannot be deleted. (If you delete, you will lose access to the game).

🎮 When making a purchase, before proceeding to payment, if the product name says (PS4 / PS5), indicate the console for which you are buying P3-Activation. If the name says only (PS4) or only (PS5), this means that Activation is available only for this console. On another, which is not stated in the name of the product, the game will not work.

Be careful and follow the full instructions in the product description
☝- We go to the account directly from the console.
❌- It is FORBIDDEN to log into the account through a computer browser.
❌- It is FORBIDDEN to change the data from the Account under any conditions.
❌- IT IS FORBIDDEN to change the Login ID" "password" and "disable or enable two-step authentication"
❌- It is FORBIDDEN to do a general deactivation of consoles through the Web site.
💀- When you try to change the password or reset the activation on the Account, we will immediately see it and you will no longer be able to play and also have a great chance to fly into a ban.
🎦- Before buying, carefully read the game and look at the reviews on YouTube. Returns due to: Didn't like it, thought it would be different, mixed up the platform of the game, wanted to buy another game, bought a younger brother or son, etc. WE DO NOT.

📴If you violate the terms, you lose access to the Account. If you are not satisfied with these conditions, refuse to purchase.

After paying for the goods, you will be sent a Unique code, which you will have to send to the seller in a personal message. After that, we will deactivate your account from working consoles and send you the data from the game and detailed instructions in a response message.

Activation of the game is bought on a permanent basis and forever, subject to the rule of reactivation once every 6 months.
- After the purchase, you get the data, put the game on the jump and go to your profile to play. After 6 months from the date of payment, the reactivation period begins. During the 7th month from the date of payment, if you still need the game, write to us in the correspondence to the product about reactivation and renewal. And so every 6 months.
This procedure is free. If after 7 mon
👉 Step-by-step instructions for P3 Activation:
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