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🌍The game works in all countries, including Russia!🌍
⭐️ By purchasing this product you get a Steam account with the game Resident Evil 4 Deluxe Edition (2023) + DLC Separate Ways for playing offline
The account is shared, only your progress will be in the game, no one will stop you from completing the game
☘️ You activate the game yourself, without third-party activator programs, TeamViewer is not needed
🔥 After purchase you will immediately receive: Login:Password from your steam account with the game Resident Evil 4 Deluxe Edition (2023)
🎮 Instructions for activating the game:
1. Log in to your Steam account using the received data;
2. Download the game from the library;
3. Enter the game once online to the main menu, then exit;
4. Switch the Steam client to offline mode (detailed instructions on how to do this are attached);
5. Play.
◾ You will be able to change Steam accounts with each other if you want to log into another account (you will not need to request a code every time)
◾ Activation occurs without third-party programs
◾ Access remains yours forever
The Deluxe Edition includes the base game as well as the Extra DLC pack, which includes:
Leon and Ashley "Casual Style" costumes
Leon and Ashley "Romance" costumes
Leon costume and "Hero" image filter; - Leon costume and "Villain" image filter
Leon's accessory “Sports sunglasses”
unique weapon “9mm Guardian”
unique weapon “Skullbreaker”
ability to select original music
Treasure Map add-on

The Deluxe Edition of the Separate Ways DLC includes all of the above Separate Ways DLC
- Account for offline use only
- It is forbidden to reinstall and update Windows while using activation
- Any change of account data is prohibited
- One activation - 1 PC
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Товар пришёл быстро!
Good seller account is work very well.
Все отлично советую
Всё отлично. Возникли некоторые проблемы, но это скорее вина игры/Стима. Также пришлось подождать активации Денуво до утра, но после этого всё в порядке
Сделка прошла успешно, на сообщения продавец отвечает быстро)
good seller, game works immediately, thanks and see you next time.
Всё шустро, с аккаунтом возникли проблемы, но продавец быстро заменил!