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Minecraft: Bedrock + Legends online (+ИГРЫ Game Pass)

Buy Minecraft: Bedrock + Legends online (+ИГРЫ Game Pass)

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✅ You buy activation (shared account) Minecraft: Bedrock (+ИГРЫ Game Pass)
✅ There is no need to wait for the activation of the game. You can play immediately after installation
✅ The bonus account has a subscription and an additional 300 games
✅ This is not the key!
The game will have your nickname from your Xbox Live profile and a new game (saves and achievements are linked to it).
✅ Automatic updates.
✅ Detailed instructions for which you will do everything yourself, the process is fast, it will not take much time.
✅ Your security: activation of the game without third-party software and without malicious "auto-activators".
✅ Games from Ubisoft and EA are not available
✅ Platform: PC
✅ 10-year warranty on account performance

What is activation?
Activation gives you access to a licensed game, thanks to the seller's personal account in the Microsoft Store. You buy the opportunity to play a full-fledged game through your Xbox Live account.

• Review the system requirements before purchasing.
• Not suitable for cloud services: PlayKey / GeForce NOW, etc.
Instructions for preparing for activation, all items must be completed:
1) You must have a fresh Windows 10/11 (all versions except corporate), it also works on the pirated version. Install the latest updates from Windows Update, this is very important for the game to work.
2) If you don't have an Xbox app, install it from the Microsoft Store
3) Be sure to log in to the Xbox app under your personal account, the game will be downloaded to it.
4) You need to make sure that you have no problems installing applications through the Store (Microsoft Store), download any free game in it, or the application.
5) The purchased game will be downloaded from my store, you will get access to it after purchase.
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