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🔥 Marvel's Spider-Man 2 | Marvel's Spider-Man 2 👑 Buying the game on your PlayStation Ukraine account 🔥

✅ ⚡ To purchase, I need a login and password from your Playstation Network account (Ukraine region). Provide your login password, as well as a unique code of your purchase to the seller after payment. I DO IT FAST!

When creating an account, select the region (Ukraine), or use an existing account with the Ukrainian region.

When buying, select the edition of the game:
1) Standard PS5
2) PS5 Digital Deluxe Edition:
✅ Marvel's Spider-Man 2
✅ Five unique costumes for Peter.
✅ Five unique costumes for Miles.
✅ Additional photo mode items.
‎✅ 2 skill points.
✅ Pre-order bonuses.‎
✅ Purchase instructions:
1. Select the edition of the game, pay for the product and provide the unique code + login details to your account to the seller.
2. The account MUST be in the region - UKRAINE. When choosing a country, you must specify UKRAINE!
If your account is registered for another region, then just create a new account and select the UKRAINE region when creating it.
3. Expect a quick purchase of the game on your account.
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