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You get to play licensed 250+ games, with working multiplayer \ upgrades.

⭐ What is an XBOX GAME ACCOUNT for PC?
Games such as FORZA HORIZON 5 \ Back 4 Blood + Microsoft Flight Simulator \ FORZA HORIZON 4 + 5 \ SEA OF THIEVES: Anniversary are included in the subscription, the full list of games can be seen here -
The list of games will be gradually supplemented, all new games in the subscription you will get for FREE.
You pay once and play!

❌ Attention Minecraft Dungeons and EA Play are NOT WORKABLE here.

🎮 The games will have your nickname from your XBOX Live profile and NEW game (saves and achievements are tied to it too)!
🔓 You don't need to provide access to your computer via Team Viewer, you activate the account yourself.
🌎 No regional restrictions (GLOBAL)

💎 After purchase you will instantly receive:
1. auto-activator + unique key
2. Detailed VIDEO and TEXT activation instructions, activation itself takes ~15 seconds!
If you have any problems with activation - write me in correspondence, I'll help you through TeamViewer!
3. Additional information on problem solving and support from the seller
4. Access to the account for a chosen subscription period

✅ Account (activation) will NOT be lost:
- after reinstalling Windows \ quitting the purchased account
- Changes \part of the PC*
🎁 Bonus: For a positive review you can get one month of subscription as a gift!
Buy the product - leave positive feedback - write in "Correspondence with the seller" the text "I want a free month of subscription!" and we will extend the key.
📌 General information: - Activation is done by logging into the Seller's Microsoft Store account on your PC, 1 key = 1 PC!
- Login to account only through activator + key, no username/password issued
- You can play with your friends if they also buy this product
- You may NOT change your details, you do NOT own account. If you try, your key will be blocked immediately, no refund.
- Automatically update games to the current version, new DLC and games without any activation, without the participation of the seller.
- If you want to change PC hardware - write to the seller in advance to transfer your license
- Access to account is granted for 12 months from the date of purchase
- The seller is not responsible if your PC does not meet the system requirements for any of the games
- The online and the game itself is guaranteed at the time of purchase, if later Microsoft blocks the ability to play through activation - no claims are accepted.
- Due to technical features of software, some anti-viruses may erroneously determine activator as malware

By purchasing the product you automatically agree to the description and terms and conditions.
📝 How do I get the activation? The answer is here.
✅ Required for activation:
- Windows 10 x64 (version 1909 and above), it works on pirated version too.
- XBOX Live account (registration - )

✅ What you need to do before you buy the activation:
❗ - Sign out of your Windows Store account.
❗ - Open Settings (Win + I) --> Accounts --> Login Settings. Remove PIN code if you have one, games DO NOT WORK with it!
- Make sure you have no problem installing applications from the Microsoft Store
- Run the program XBOX. Log in under your PERSONAL account.

Next: buy it, see the instructions, download the utility and activate it.
• Processor: i5-6600 (3.3 GHz) OR AMD Ryzen 5 2600 (3.4 GHz)
• RAM: 8 GB of RAM
• Video card: NVIDIA® GeForce ™ GTX 1050 Ti or AMD® Radeon ™ RX 570
• DirectX: Version 12
• Disk space: 40 GB
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Very easy and helpful! Thanks
Everything worked perfectly. Needed some help and he was very responsive
Все работает прекрасно! Все так же как написано в описании С инструкцией по активации разберется любой чайни! Советую продавца и товар к покупке, не пожалеете, играю с удовольствием 🥰
its been 26 days and its good and the seller respond to every question
Отличный продавец
Thanks for the purchase and everything works fine
всё заебок