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FORTNITE: Marvel Kings & Warriors Pack XBOX/Activation

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Before you buy, be sure to read the product description and read the instructions at the very bottom. After payment, you will receive a unique code that you need to inform the seller in the correspondence on the order.
You will also need to provide login information to your Microsoft account (xbox) https://login.live.com (mail and password).
You can find the desired order here https://oplata.info by clicking on the order go down until you see the correspondence with the seller.

After payment, you will instantly receive the activation of the Fortnite Marvel Kings and Warriors set
Warriors become for various reasons: it is the duty of the king, the duty of a soldier, or the right of a mercenary. The set includes:
- equipment Black Panther (+ style)
- Ukrainian "Royal Cloak" (+ style)
- Vibranium Blades Pickaxe
– hang glider Wakandan hang glider
- equipment Captain Marvel (+ style)
- Ukrainian Kree Shield (+ Style)
- pickaxe "Wand" Alpha ""
- hang glider "Power of Mar-Vell"
- equipment Taskmaster
- Ukrainian "Shield of Mimic"
- Pick "Mimic Sword"
Not all items may be available in Save the World.

1. Create and link a Microsoft XBOX account to your Epic Games account
2. Pay for the service in a convenient way for you
3. Provide the UNIQUE CODE to the seller in the section "CORRESPONDENCE WITH THE SELLER" or by any contact information of the seller.
4. Send data from your linked Microsoft XBOX account to a chat with the seller
5. Wait for the order
We work as quickly as possible ❤️‍🔥, subscription activation occurs within 15-60 minutes, provided there is no queue, but no more than 24 hours from the moment of payment.
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