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⚡️ Dealer's Life 2 ios iPhone AppStore iPad+ BONUS 🎁

Buy ⚡️ Dealer's Life 2 ios iPhone AppStore iPad+ BONUS 🎁

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  • Product type: Account
✏️ Shared account with Dealer's Life 2

• The account is suitable for any region (even the moon) 🌏
• The reliability of the purchase is guaranteed, in case of any problems, we will be happy to solve your question 🙋
• You get a dozen other random games and apps 🎁

The AppStops project was founded in 2016. Our audience has more than 300k people! 🤯

📦 After making a purchase, you get:
• Login and password to the account 🗳
• Detailed installation instructions 📚
• Warranty for the purchased product (in case of incorrect data, we guarantee you a replacement without additional charge) 🔰

📤 How do I get all the necessary materials to enter after payment?

1. After payment, contact the seller (to do this, select the option "correspondence with the seller" / use any contact information that the seller specified) 💬
2. Then the seller will respond to you within a few minutes.
3. You receive all the necessary materials in personal correspondence with the seller (account data + instructions + warranty) 🏆

🎁 If you leave a positive review, you will be given a bonus account!

P.S. The seller is online almost 24/7 🤯 😎
📑 Additional information:
• Access to the account is temporary — 3 days, so you need to install everything immediately after receiving the data 🕰
• After installing the application or game, it is not advised to delete anything 🗑
• Downloaded apps will work until you delete them yourself 🙌

📵 Prohibited:
• Enter data from your iCloud account (to avoid problems, please read the instructions carefully 📖
• Buy anything on the account 🛒
• Change any information in the account 📝

⚠️ Reminder:
📤 If you have any problems, please contact the seller!
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