Buy ✅CS:GO💰30-999 ITEMS🔥INVENTORY random for 2.58 $ on GameCone
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✅CS:GO💰30-999 ITEMS🔥INVENTORY random

Buy ✅CS:GO💰30-999 ITEMS🔥INVENTORY random

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✅Low prices, lots of popular games at low prices!
✅Quick help in case of a problem!
✅All accounts are the property of the seller, after the purchase you risk nothing!

After purchase you get:
✅CS:GO Account with inventory.
✅ Inventory includes CS:GO.
✔️Inventory value up to $999 dollars.
✔️ Login, account password
✔️ Login, password from the first mail!
❤️FROM 30-999 items in inventory!
❤️ Full access, after purchase, you can immediately change all passwords, mail, bind Guard.
✔️ The account was created specifically for sale, it will never be restored
✔️ Accounts do not have locks
✔️ No phone number linked to account

After checking your account, you will need to do it MANDATORY !:
❗Change mail❗
❗Change Password from account and from mail❗
❗Bind mobile phone.❗
❗ We do not make returns, only replacements❗
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⚙❗The customer must ensure the safety and security of data., We recommend changing all data after purchase.
⚙❗The seller, in case of loss, theft of accounts or property from them, does not provide assistance in the return of lost funds, restoration or replacement of goods,
Claims for the goods are accepted only within 14 days after the purchase of the goods, if the goods:
1. I can't sign in to my account
2. Does not match the description.
3. Technical problems with data.
⚙❗Some accounts may require a Steam guard, send us a message and we will send the code.
⚙❗ The presence of Steam levels, access to the trading platform, the ability to add to friends and groups, the balance of the wallet, the presence of other paid games, played hours, prime are not guaranteed and are not a prerequisite, if you get something on your account, this is your bonus !
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