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Call of Duty: GHOST ❤️No Limite🌍GLOBAL✅

Buy Call of Duty: GHOST ❤️No Limite🌍GLOBAL✅

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What it is?
It's 5 game in one
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
Call of Duty: CHOST
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
Call of Duty: WWII
This is a Shared account with access to the game library
You can be on the account online, and transfer it to offline mode.
Account closed by STEAM GUARD and Family View

What do you get for 110 rubles Call of Duty: CHOST
1. View account - Login: password with the game
2. Access to the game to the workshop and mods
3. Access to the Steam library and other games (see the list below)
4. The ability to play through GFN (I do not provide an account)
5. Ability to purchase other popular games at a low price
6. Customer support in telegrams and through private messages

What is blocked on the account:
1. Ability to play online games
2. Change mail and password
3. Steam family sharing
4. Remove STEAM GUARD and seed view

Activation instructions

1. Enter Login:Password
2. Request STEAM GUARD code (tg or private messages)
3. Sign in to your account.
4. Download the game you need or launch it via GFN
5. Enjoy the game
Answers to popular questions
1. Is it possible to remove Steam Guard and family viewing - No
2. Is it possible to change the password - no
3. Is it possible to play online - yes
4. Is it possible to play Offline - yes
5. Is it possible to play via GFN - yes
6. Can I install mods - yes
7. Is the Russian language available - yes (except for those games in which the developer himself did not add it)
8. Are there regional restrictions - no
9. I want to play online games on my account, such as CS and DOTA 2, can I? - no (play on your account)
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