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🔥Atomic Heart🔥| XBOX Activation/Buy Game🔥

Buy 🔥Atomic Heart🔥| XBOX Activation/Buy Game🔥

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  • Product type: Activation
This service will allow you to get a game 🌏 Atomic Heart 🌏 to your XBOX account!

✅ Everything is done on our part, you can have any region and you can be from any country, the game will work globally after activation!
✅ After activation, the DLC will be WITHOUT REGIONAL RESTRICTIONS.
✅ The DLC REMAINS in your Microsoft account FOREVER
✅ You will be able to download the DLC in any region and at any time, with all available languages
✅ If you have any questions - Ask Online Chat!

After the purchase, you need to open a paid order, find correspondence with the seller there and follow the following instructions:
1. You'll need to send a unique verification code directly to the seller
2. You need to send your xbox account information to the seller
3. If you have 2fa enabled - During the seller's login to the account - you will need to send us a code to log in to the account
4. Expect when we buy the game to your XBOX account!

Attention! DLC are sent in manual mode, if you make a purchase during working hours - the game can be delivered from 5 minutes to 6 hours, if you make a purchase on weekends or at night (MSK software), then delivery can go up to 16h - a request to have patience when buying goods. You can also contact us in chat and ask if we can send you the game at this time.

• Refund is made with deduction of service fees. (Or partial return)
• Refunds are possible ONLY if the DLC has not been purchased into your account. After activation, it will no longer be possible to return funds
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Все сработало по инструкции. Поставщик все купил в течение часа.
Все отлично !