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✅⭐ 1000 Subscribers to VKontakte Group, Public [Best]

Buy ✅⭐ 1000 Subscribers to VKontakte Group, Public [Best]

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I add 1000 VKontakte subscribers to a group or public without bots!

Service advantage? The service is ideal for fast and secure withdrawal of a group, public in the TOP search for VKontakte!

I suggest:

1. 1000 live off-line subscribers to the group, public;

2. A smooth increase in the number of your subscribed subscribers;

3. A day from 10 to 40 subscribers will be added to the group \ public. The speed of adding subscribers is calculated automatically for maximum security based on the number of existing subscribers and their activity; the greater the number, the higher the speed;

4. You can distribute 1000 subscribers to two communities in one order;

5. For your group or public it will be absolutely safe and secure!

Please remember to add the service to your bookmarks — in this case it will always be available for you, despite the queues or restrictions.

My other goods and services are — https://plati.ru/seller/aleksandr-korotkiy/550650?lang=en-US


— Your group or public must be open to the job;

— Subscribers are not for activity and not for conversions. Subscribers are more for the growing popularity of the group \ public and for the withdrawal of the VKontakte search in the TOP;

— At the time of the order do not order subscribers in other places in order to avoid misunderstandings;

— The service is not provided on prohibited topics;

— Perhaps a small part of subscribers may unsubscribe due to their lack of interest. Usually no more than 5% — 20%, including dogs;

— By ordering this service, you confirm that you agree with the services described in this product.

P.S. With pleasure I will go towards to your other wishes!

P.P.S. For a positive review I give you a gift certificate in the amount of 3% of the amount paid by you!!
You will need to send a link to your group or public where you need to add subscribers. Do not order subscribers at the same time from other artists!
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